charcoal tooth powder

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charcoal tooth powder
charcoal tooth powder

 Our natural activated charcoal tooth powder is:

♥ 100% Natural
♥ Vegan
♥ GMO free
♥ Cruelty free
♥ Fluoride free

Ingredients: activated charcoal (from coconuts), bentonite clay.

To use: 

  1. Wet your toothbrush and shake away excess moisture
  2. Dip only the tip of your toothbrush bristles into toothpowder
  3. Brush for 2 minutes like normal, then spit carefully into drain (to avoid excess mess), rinse, brush again with wet brush, rinse. Done!
  4. Smile wide and bright! 

Benefits of activated charcoal and bentonite clay:

*Removes stains (also removes stains caused by smoking, coffee & tea)
*Strengthens enamel
* Helps sensitive teeth
* Fights bad breath
* Helps tooth decay
* Reduces Inflammation
* Boosts Immune System
* Removes plaque

Can also be used as a

- facial mask, just add a few drops of water or any liquid (aloe water, yogurt

- an overnight spot treatment for acne, just apply a paste made with a little water directly to affected area, cover with a fabric band-aid overnight.

- spot relief for but bites to alleviate the ichy feels from little critters, just apply a paste made with a little powder and a little water directly to affected area. Cover with a fabric band-aid.



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