luffa - full size

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luffa - full size

Natural exfoliation with these natural luffas. 

Did you know that luffa's are actually just dried gourds that are dried and peeled, then boiled to sterilize. Great to aid in removing dead skin cells and/or built up oil and dirt in pores helping to prevent breakouts (think body acne). So really, they're just magic plants that exfoliate and leave your skin feeling smooth.

To use: soak in water and exfoliate all over body concentrating on elbows, knees and any other dry areas.  You can even lather up with our natural artisan soap bars to clean and exfoliate. Luffa's are quite fibrous and solid when dry but soften once they become saturated with water (think sponge). 

Follow up with our lotion bar for moisture barrier protection or our whipped body butters for light luxurious skin moisturizing.

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