Biodegradable bamboo tooth brush

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Biodegradable bamboo tooth brush

Handle: compostable bamboo (wavy)

Bristles: soft/bpa free/activated charcoal infused

Distributor: Treefinity 🇨🇦

Q: How do I use bamboo toothbrush?
A: Just like your conventional toothbrush!

Q: How long does bamboo toothbrush last?
A: Last as long as your conventional toothbrush! Dentists in general recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months. 

Q: Why bamboo toothbrush?
A: Because there are 4.7 billions plastic toothbrushes in our oceans and they are not breaking down! Bamboo is also a fast growing plant and it is naturally anti-bacterial (antimicrobial). Bamboo often grows in abundance in the wild and there is no need to use fertilizer and pesticide.

Q: What is bamboo toothbrush made out of?
A: The handle is 100% biodegradable, compostable, natural bamboo. The bristles are made out of conventional soft nylons. 

 Q: How do I take care of my bamboo toothbrush?

A: Store your bamboo toothbrush in dry and open air area. We usually place it on top of our toothbrush cup horizontally. We do not recommend placing it inside your toothbrush cup.

Q: How do I dispose my bamboo toothbrush properly? 
A: When bristles have frayed, remove the bristles with pliers. Unfortunately, nylon plastic bristles are not compostable and they will have to go to garbage and landfill. It takes about 30 years for this kind of plastic to completely biodegrade. Once bristles are removed, you can either compost the bamboo handle or you can reuse it in any creative way!

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