botanical cleansing powder

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botanical cleansing powder
botanical cleansing powder

Deep cleans, removes makeup, mildly exfoliates, nourishes and soothes the skin all without upsetting the normal protective coating of the skin. 

Our face cleansers may seem a little different but are ancient in application, since these are old yet extremely effective ways of cleansing your skin without stripping any natural beneficial oils. Balances your skins natural balance while adding moisture along with vitamins and antioxidants, active enzymes and vitamin c for that glow. Made with gentle detoxifying clays, ancient grains and fruit, flower and plant extracts. 

When activated with liquid the powder forms a mild, soap-free cleanser with detoxifying qualities to gently deep clean to wash away dirt and impurities.

Most importantly these powder cleansers are active in increasing cell turnover, they can even help to control acne breakouts and are safe to use daily.

This powder cleanser is based with detoxifying French green clay, antioxidant rich chamomile, and hibiscus which supports your body's natural collagen production. And with added frankincense resin powder which supports healthy skin. Known for youthful benefits as well as treating acne but gentle enough for all skin types. 

 To use: just sprinkle about a tsp into the palm of your hand and add water, drop by drop to form a smooth paste. Massage into wet skin in small circular motions using clean fingers or a soft cotton washcloth. 

Can be left on for 5- 8 mins as a facial mask 2- 3 times a week for a deeper clean.

Ingredients: kaolin clay, French green clay, colloidal oats, organic brown rice powder, honey powder, marshmallow root extract, guava extract,  chamomile extract, sodium cocoyl isethionate (from coconut oil), hibiscus extract, vitamin c, frankincense resin powder, vanilla and sandalwood essential oils.


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