Bubble bath crumble

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Bubble bath crumble
Bubble bath crumble

Formerly known as bubble bars, but now you can add as much or as little bubble bath crumble as you'd like into an organza bag for a little bit of bubbles to ALOT of bubbles. You can also hold the crumble in your hand instead of using a bag, but really the bag is convenient and reusable (just rinse with water and hang to dry).

To use: 

Simply hang your organza bag filled with bubble bath crumble from your tub faucet (or hold in your hand) so your bag is in the running water as your tub fills and watch as your bathtub fills with bubbles. Absolutely no artificial colors or fragrances. These are great for kids or any bubble bath lover.

If you don't have an organza bag please let us know and we'll be sure to add one.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), adosonia gregoril (cream of tartar), maranta arundinacea root (arrowroot powder), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, glycerin, ricinus communis (castor) oil, essential oils.


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